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DBI Network
A New Model in Global Management Consulting
A unique combination of focused consulting firms
and industry-leading, independent advisors


Connected Excellence

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Who We Are

We are a global Management Consulting network with a unique approach to delivering comprehensive business services.

Our approach to unlocking the potential of your business combines direct and extensive industry experience with highly specialized delivery capability.

That’s because we are a combination of Connected Advisors and highly experienced Member Firms.

Our broad network of Advisors are business leaders and executives in their respective industries with detailed insights and knowledge of their sector’s issues, challenges and opportunities.

Our Member Firms know how to deliver. They provide leading consulting practices, frameworks and techniques in their specialties.

For our clients, that means strategic planning and management backed up by skilled and competitive implementation.

Our flexible approach provides other valuable advantages over the standard Management Consulting approach.

  • Broad reach but focused expertise
  • Operate at scale
  • A choice of engagement models
  • Business solutions for the digital economy

Unlike traditional consulting firms the DBI Network approach brings in the right people, at the right time, when you need them, from beginning to end.

We call this Connected Excellence

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Service Areas

  • Strategy
  • Brand
  • Innovation
  • Experience
  • Markets
  • Deals
  • Operations
  • Technology

Member Firms Boab

Member Firms

Our member firms deliver focused expertise across different industries and geographies.

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Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Our member firms and advisors have deep expertise in a wide range of industries.

Learn more about our advisors.

  • Industrial

    Industrial Equipment & Machinery Aerospace Automotive

  • Life Sciences

    Medical Devices & Equipment Biotech Pharmaceuticals Combinatorials CRO/CMO Services

  • Consumer Products

    Food and Beverage Home and Personal Care Apparel & Footwear Sporting Goods Hard Goods

  • High Tech

    Digital and Software Consumer Electronics Networks & Computing Electronic Equipment Semiconductors & Devices

  • Service Industries

    Banking & Financial Services Communications Retail Consumer Health Entertainment & Media Restaurants & Food Service

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Connected Excellence Tag Line Boab

Comprehensive Experience, Committed Advisors,


Connected Excellence


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Contact us

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Tel UK: +44 .131.220.5671
Tel China: +86.1380.1825.713