Market Intelligence and Performance Through Data Driven Analysis

Lynchpin transforms data into insight and foresight, allowing ambitious organisations to anticipate the future, be more innovative in their customer engagement and drive meaningful business change.

Based: London and Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Services include:

  • Strategy: Aligning business strategy with data-driven performance optimisation
  • Markets: Marketing and customer analytics for B2C and B2B markets
  • Experience: Measurement, analysis and optimisation of customer journeys
  • Technology: Big data transformation and integration

Examples of our work:

Top 5 Global Airline

Designed, implemented and embedded customised models to optimise digital marketing spend to generate flight bookings at maximum return on investment.

Multinational Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Supported the launch of the direct to consumer ecommerce function across EMEA from a data and analytics perspective, including establishment of trading reporting, forecasting and promotional optimisation.

International Media Conglomerate

Designed a strategic roadmap for aligning data collection across all mobile apps and websites globally for benchmarking and advertising revenue optimisation and then managed the technical implementation of that framework.