End-to-end Analytics

End-to-end Analytics


Superior Performance Through Data Driven Analysis

We help clients make better data-driven decisions that result in higher profitability and significant value.

Services include:

  • Statistical/Analytical Forecasting:  Advanced time-series and econometric models, Integration of backlog & customer forecasts, Exception-based demand planning, Closed-loop error monitoring, New product forecasting
  • Inventory and Capacity Optimization: Latest single-and multi-echelon algorithms, Optimally allocating a constrained $ budget, Store Replenishment & Assortment, Simulation-and segment-based techniques, Jointly optimizing capacity & safety stocks
  • Promotion Optimization: Demand modeling using price/display/distribution; Incorporating competition/weather/other drivers, Calculating ROI for past and planned promotions, Recommending improved pricing & promotions
  • Sales and Operations Planning: Early-warning systems for demand-supply mismatches, Monitoring top-down financials vs. bottom-up forecasts, Evaluating both demand and supply levers, Tracking contractual liabilities & managing strategic buys
  • Other Big Data and Predictive Analytics: Constraint-based Production Planning, Supply Chain Network, Design, SKU Rationalization, Deal Win/Loss Analysis, Sales Funnel Velocity Analysis, Distribution Route Optimization, Responsive Supply Chain Design

For more information contact: info@e2eanalytics.com