Transforming supply chains through Consulting, Education and Coaching

CHAINovation is a truly global supply chain advisory firm focusing on delivering value to clients by transforming Supply Chain performance. Our approach is collaborative and coaching-centric ensuring that CHAINovation clients receive not only quality deliverables, but also a fresh perspective and a knowledgeable team for sustainable transformation. CHAINovation’s success has been driven through building strong relationships globally through our network of practitioners, associations, academics and thought leaders, thus enabling us to draw upon skills, experience and knowledge of a broader team. As a partner with the Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM) and a member of the DBI Network we are able to leverage the strength of industry-standard models such as SCOR and a network of quality advisors that compliment our internal competencies with resources on tap to ensure our clients get the best resources within their industry on their projects providing world-class supply chain advisory and education solutions at a more affordable cost.


1. Advisory and Transformation Learning Programs (TLP’s)

CHAINovation provides our clients a proven approach for the journey of supply chain improvement using unique coaching and accelerators typically drawing upon the SCOR-model to drive enhanced performance and deliver a better customer experience at a lower cost-to-serve.  Via our Transformation Learning Programs (TLPs), we typically arrive at a portfolio of improvement projects that define the initiatives required to move from current to future state in 12-16 weeks.

2. SCOR Training and Certification

We enhance personal value by offering SCOR-Professional (SCOR-P) training by a SCOR-Master Instructor enabling individuals to sit for the SCOR exam and achieve the industry recognized endorsement of a SCOR-professional in both public and in-house sessions (virtual and live). We also do customized training for clients based on the content / needs required to ensure clients are left with KNOWLEDGE in addition to solutions. CHAINovation has trained more SCOR-P candidates than any firm globally!

3.  Supply Chain Sustainability, Risk Assessments and Certification

Using the power of the industry’s first supply chain-specific triple bottom line framework for organizational certification, ASCM-Enterprise, CHAINovation can provide assessments and training to your organization on the new standards of the supply chain – Ecological, Ethical and Economical – leading towards a more sustainable and risk resilient supply chain.  CHAINovation led the practitioner team who developed the initial ASCM-Enterprise standards used for this industry leading certification and often assists clients in closing process/performance gaps identified in the comparative to these standards.