Accel Management Group

Accel Management Group is a global management consulting firm.


Strategy, Research & Development, and Operations consulting for technology-driven companies.

Accel Management Group is a global management consulting firm that implements innovative solutions resulting in profitable growth, cost leadership, and sustainable competitiveness for our executive clients in technology-based industries. Our work in business transformation is founded on thought leadership, proprietary information and approaches, and decades of implementation expertise. We hire and retain the very best talent – our consultants have operated as line managers in their respective industries, have technical undergraduate degrees and MBAs from top tier programs, and are often successful alumni of other major consulting firms.

Services include:

  • Strategy: Manufacturing Strategy, Acquisition Integration, Product Strategy, Portfolio Managment, Pricing Management
  • Research & Development: R&D Productivity, Product Development, Product Launch/Introduction, Critical Project Recovery, End-of-Life/SKU Management
  • Operations: Strategic Sourcing, Manufacturing Excellence, Distribution, S&OP / Advanced Planning, DFm / Value Engineering

Examples of our Work:

Fast-Growing Technology Developer Competing in Surgical Devices Market
Assessed specific root causes, and established cross-functional product development process that enabled rapid specification, development, test, validation, and predictable and accelerated rollout to the marketplace.

Cellular Technology Handset and Chipset Developer
Recovered a failing development effort involving integrated hardware platform, custom semiconductor design, and firmware/software, resulting in on-time delivery of a full-featured product to the sponsoring customer.

Mid-sized Optical Device Manufacturer
Identified primary contributors to slow inventory turns, and implemented Lean Manufacturing across the production operations and service, tripling total inventory turns and reducing manufacturing cycle time by 80%.

Leading Medical Device Manufacturer
Developed a global operations strategy that established centers of excellence and created core competencies to achieve a 25% cost down (savings of $1.5B), 98% service levels, and accelerated growth in emerging markets